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Why is Music So Powerful?

Music can transport us to a particular place and time, or even remind us of a specific experience. When we listen to certain songs, we may recall our childhood. We may think of a certain school assembly, a particular teacher, a place, or an experience that brought back fond memories. We can also experience certain feelings through music, such as joy or sadness. This is because the vibration of air molecules is a powerful trigger for memories.

Throughout time, this experience is a key factor in affecting our moods. Music has the power to generate images in our brains, and it is not uncommon for violin and guitar students to visualize whole storylines through the music they learn. These images are powerful and affect the moods of people twofold, making music so powerful in our everyday lives. It is no surprise then that music has become one of the most powerful ways to express ourselves.

Children learn information through music. Playing music allows them to identify sounds they otherwise might not notice. Research has linked this enhanced ability to process sound with better reading and academic performance. An innovative Los Angeles community music program, called Harmony Project, has demonstrated the power of music to improve a child’s life. Moreover, the joy of listening to music also affects the development of a child’s motor skills. Despite its power, music is not only emotionally but intellectually powerful.

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