What is the Difference Between GSM and the Internet?

When comparing the two technologies, it is vital to remember that the Internet was around long before the invention of GSM. The internet was actually born out of two other networks, the ARPA-Net and the NSFnet. The internet uses three different access technologies: FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA. GSM uses a symmetric mode of transmission where data is managed through circuits in the network. The maximum speed of GSM is 114 kbps. As far as internet service is concerned, it does not exist in GSM. The Internet is an important component of our daily lives.

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GSM and 3G use different technologies for data and voice transmission. For example, GSM uses frequency division multiple access (FDMA) while 3G utilizes Wideband – Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA). Both technologies require different investments, and a GSM network is considered to be second generation. GSM networks are more cost-effective because they do not require the high-tech infrastructure of 3G.

GSM is the most widely-used 2G mobile technology. It was more popular than IS-95 in North America and Personal Digital Communication (PDC) in Japan. It has a circuit-switched data rate of 14.4 kbps, which enables users to send and receive text messages and access the internet at low-speeds. It also offers a more secure environment, so people can send and receive encrypted data from anywhere.

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