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Types of Potatoes Cooked

There are many different types of potatoes, classified by their size, color, and starch content. The type of cooking method best suited to a specific type of potato todaypknews depends on the starch content. There are three basic categories of potatoes: starchy, waxy, and all-purpose. Each type has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Listed below are some common types of potatoes. In addition to their many different culinary applications, potatoes are one of the most popular crops in the world.

Red potatoes, sometimes called isaidubnews new potatoes, are small to medium in size and are particularly healthy. Their flesh is pink with a thin skin, but is moist, waxy, and naturally low in sodium. They are also high in potassium and tnmachiweb contribute to healthy blood pressure. Red potatoes are a great addition to any recipe. However, some people prefer eating them raw. So, here are a few tips to help you choose the best potato for your needs.

Waxy potatoes have a low starch content, and they 7hdstar are good for boiling and roasting. They also hold their shape during cooking. However, they should not be used for deep-frying or baking. All-purpose potatoes have a medium starch content, which makes them great for a variety of cooking techniques. Their newtoxicwap moisture content also helps them hold their shape when cooked. They are also excellent for stewing and making potato salad.

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