The Difference Between Technical and Technological Development

Among the various terms that describe technological developments, technology is the most prevalent one. This term refers to scientific principles and complex processes used to facilitate human life and achieve goals. The modern world has witnessed an accelerated development of science and technology, which have increased human capacity to live in a variety of habitats. The relationship between science and technology is one of the main reasons behind the rapid changes witnessed in the technological world in the twentieth century.

Technology and engineering go hand in hand. Without one, the other is not possible. Both are based on human knowledge and require a lot of time and effort. The difference between the two lies in their use and purpose. Technology can be defined as the current state of knowledge in a specific field. State-of-the-art technology refers to the highest-quality technology that humans can utilize today. The difference between technology and engineering is subtle, but important.

Historically, technology has been defined as the use of science and technology to benefit human societies. A conservative definition of technology would define technology as “the science of doing something for human purposes”. In other words, it would include tools, machines, weapons, instruments, housing, clothing, and communication devices. The other definition would include crows, beavers, and honeycombs. Some people have claimed that science and technology are not complementary, but rather, they are mutually exclusive.

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