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planning in management.

Planning is a critical process in any business. The planning process involves selecting the most appropriate alternative to achieve an objective. The process is also called decision-making. In decision-making, the manager decides what to do, when, where, and how. Similarly, planning in management is concerned with how to achieve the objectives of the organisation. In other words, it is the act of deciding what to do. This is an essential process in any organization.

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In a business, planning is about deciding the best alternative out of many possible choices. During this process, new ideas are developed and studied intensively. These innovations can be turned into new products and services. Ultimately, the business can benefit from this innovation. This process is essential for any business. It enables managers to anticipate unexpected events and make appropriate preparations. In addition to this, planning can help them avoid pitfalls and keep their company afloat.

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Another important aspect of planning in management is making sure the planning process is inclusive. Involving employees in the process will encourage them to participate and contribute. Involved employees will be eager to commit to the plan and assume a shared responsibility in its realization. They may also come up with innovative ideas that will make the business better. If the process is inclusive, all involved parties will be interested. Likewise, the planning process can help managers develop new products.

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