Nutaku Crush Crash

If you’re single and have been on the hunt for a new game to play, Nutaku has you covered. This dating sim clicker game features a wide variety of ladies. You can choose one of the two ladies from each gender and begin your quest to find the perfect match! Then, you can use your newfound skills to earn money, and make more friends. There’s even a mode where you can meet other players and trade gifts.

Free to play

desktime is hosting a nude version of the early access dating simulation game CrushCrush. The website is currently offering perks to sign up for the site, which will include free boosts and in-game cash items worth $16. This game originally broke on the Newgrounds site, and still sits at the top of Google’s search results. Despite its free-to-play nature, some users might find the game too naughty. This is where Steam comes into the picture, and this makes it an ideal platform for games that are not strictly censored.

The game is free to download and has a store that lets players purchase extra ticks on their time bar, boosters for progress, and other things. However, this is optional. By purchasing these items, players can support the game’s independent studio and website. This in turn helps them provide a competent website for hentai gamers. As a bonus, the game has an uncensored version of the girls.

Time slot mechanic

The time slot mechanic in Nutaku Crush Crash is a new twist on the classic RPG formula. The new time slot mechanic in the game allows you to spend time with your favorite characters and earn bonuses for doing so. In addition to the traditional role-playing game mechanics, players will find several additional mechanics to play with, including the ability to change your character’s gender. Here are the most important ones to know.

If you’re looking for new hentai games, you’ve probably already heard of Nutaku. These games are known for being fun and bring lots and the community behind them is extremely positive. The games are easy to learn and play, and users are consistently rating them highly. Furthermore, the games are very easy to find, since they’re tagged with different types of acts.

Nutaku has a lot to offer its female fans. The game offers a variety of features ipsmarketing can make you fall in love with your crushes. You can customize your crushes by changing their job and hobbies, and can even pick a different angst level for each one. The more angst you have, the better, so you can get the girl you’ve always wanted! The possibilities are endless with this dating sim!

The game has gained popularity for its incremental gameplay. It was originally released on Kongregate but later released on Steam and Nutaku. Later it was also released on Humble Bundle and Google Play. In 2021, it will be released on Nintendo Switch and the App Store. The game has many characters, including two male and four female lovers. You can use a variety of skills to get your crushes to fall in love with you.

Gender parity

While video games like Candy Crush Saga are overwhelmingly male, the Nutaku series does not follow this trend. Its majority of employees are female, and most of its content is aimed at female gamers. It has also dedicated a section to LGBTQ people, and has set aside $5 million to create more inclusive adult games. The studio, however, has been under fire in the past for unethical behavior and pirated artwork.

The newscrawl series also attempts to create a more diverse audience by providing mature entertainment that is inclusive of a diverse range of sexualities and interests. As such, the titles reflect that goal by displaying a variety of sexualities and content. The gender diversity in Nutaku shows is another positive aspect. Many fans of this series may not consider themselves to be a heterosexual, so they have an easier time finding a game that appeals to them.

Offline feature

You can download both Nutaku Crush and nutakunews Moist and Uncensored from the official website. In order to download either of them, you must create a Nutaku account. This will allow you to save your progress and continue playing later. You can download the Nutaku version for free from the official website. You can also sign up for Nutaku’s beta branches. This will let you access early-access content before it is available on Steam.


In addition to offline play, the game also features idle play. You can play Nutaku Crush offline to earn resources when away from the keyboard. In idle mode, you can level up your relationship with ladies and gain cash. You can also earn hearts from them. This is a useful feature to help you advance the game in a smooth way. But the offline feature is not available for all games. In the offline mode, the game allows you to save your progress at any time.

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