Mistakes to avoid after a workplace accident in Virginia

In Virginia, all employers have workers’ compensation insurance. If you were injured at work, the chances are high that you are already covered and are entitled to benefits. The workers’ compensation is meant to be easy to understand, but you have to remember that eventually, the money is paid by the insurance company, and their adjusters have their ways and means to deny claims. Working with an Ashburn workers’ comp lawyer will help you recover a fair settlement that covers your medical bills and lost wages. For your help, here’s a list of mistakes you must avoid after a workplace accident. 

  1. Failure to report the accident/injury. The injured worker is required to inform the employer of the injury at the earliest. If you fail to do so on the same day, you should do it without delay. As per Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act, you are required to inform your employer within 30 days from the date of the accident. 
  2. Failure to obtain a medical evaluation on the same day. Seeking medical attention for your injuries is not a choice if you want to file a workers’ compensation claim. Even if you delay by a day, this could have repercussions. 
  3. Failure to submit the claim form with Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. Don’t assume that you are good as long as the insurance carrier is paying for your medical care. You have to take steps to protect your rights, and you are also entitled to lost wages, depending on the circumstances. 
  4. Choosing to overlook the injury. The employer may tell you that the injury is a minor one and there’s not much to worry about. The truth is you have to seek medical attention, and while your employer could be as good as you imagine, you should listen to your attorneys on the matter. 
  5. Not disclosing pre-existing medical conditions. If you have pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, you are required to disclose the same. Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act allows you to get benefits of workers’ compensation insurance, as long as your recent injury was related to work. In other words, if your previous injury was aggravated because of the recent accident, you are allowed to recover a settlement. 
  6. Failure to appeal after the claim has been denied. The insurance company may deny your claim on many grounds, but you have the right to appeal. You may have to be present before the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission for a hearing. 

Call a lawyer for more info. 

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