Is it worth consulting a car accident lawyer in Montrose?

Speeding, distracted driving, texting while driving, and carelessness, are some of the common causes of auto accidents in Colorado. If you were injured in such a mishap in Montrose, you should know that Colorado is a fault state. You can ask for compensation from the party at fault, as long as you have evidence for your claim. Hiring a car accident lawyer Montrose is not legally necessary, but could be an extremely important step. Take a look at our overview. 

Accident cases are complex

As the claimant, you are required to present evidence that the other driver was negligent. If you have suffered injuries, your focus should be on your health and recovery. You may not have the time or expertise to know if your accident claim is valid and what you should get for your losses. Most of the top law firms in Montrose work on a contingency fee and offer a free meeting with their accident lawyers, and you can use this opportunity to get a review of your case. 

Lawyers have the resources

Just saying that the other party was responsible for the accident is not enough. You must present evidence, and if you have a PI lawyer with you, they can take care of the process. From talking to accident investigators and accident reconstruction experts to finding witnesses and experts, your lawyer would do it all. They will also ensure that you don’t settle for less by accepting the first insurance offer.

Lawyers can deal with insurance adjusters 

Typically, people file a third-party claim with the other party’s insurance company after an accident. In such circumstances, it is okay to believe that the insurance adjuster would be understanding, but that’s seldom the case. Insurance companies are here to protect their side, and the claims adjuster may try a variety of ways to trick the claimant. If you have no experience working with insurance companies, your best bet is to hire an attorney to represent your side. 

Final word

As we mentioned earlier, your lawyer wouldn’t ask for an upfront fee. However, they get a share of the settlement if you win, which can be as high as 40%. Nevertheless, it’s better to work with an attorney and improve your chances rather than dealing with the accident claim on your own. Don’t forget to ask the attorney about the other expected expenses of the case and if they can help with those.

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