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functions of management with examples slideshare.

A manager is responsible for many functions, which includes the following: planning, command, coordination, and control. The primary function of a manager is to plan a course of action and coordinate resources. He or she leads the project by identifying challenges, setting deadlines, and forecasting future business effects. In the case of a crisis, the manager must take the initiative to fix the problem. The four primary functions of management are listed below.

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Communication is another key role of a manager. Effective communication means listening to employee concerns and questions. The leader must be self-aware and demonstrate empathy. A strong communicator aligns the goals of the team with the employees’ own. The manager must also reward employees for meeting or exceeding goals and offer opportunities for growth. Finally, a good leader will tie the success of the team to the success of individual employees.

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Managing people is an important function of management. A good manager will be a good listener. A good communicator will listen to questions and concerns and practice empathy. A leader must align team members’ motivations with the goals. A good leader will reward employees for exceeding expectations and provide opportunities for growth. A strong leader will tie the success of the team to the success of each individual. However, it is important to note that effective managers will be able to effectively communicate with different levels of their team.

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