Different Ways to Celebrate Labor Day with Your Employees

It is a good idea to plan something healthy and entertaining for your employees on Labor Day. You can host an Employee Appreciation Day to recognize the hard work and efforts of your team and everybody else who put an effort into your business and make it successful. This is also very motivating for employees to receive a token of appreciation from their employers and get some time away from the desk.

If you are an employer who wants to get an idea about ways to appreciate your employees, you can get as creative as possible. Look for some engaging and entertaining activities to make the entire event a success.

Remember, the central idea behind all the activities must be based on the fact that Labor Day is a holiday.

You can ask your employees to become part of different activities and enjoy their day off with the management. Let’s have a look at the different activities you can plan for Labor day.

Plan a Movie Night for Your Employees

This is one of the best activities you can plan for your employees on Labor Day this year. To make it more engaging, ask your employees to suggest a thematic movie to watch. To select a movie, you can cast a vote using one of the online tools and select the one that has the maximum votes.

You can select from movies like Office Space, Horrible Bosses, The Company Men, Outsourced, The Firm, Swimming with Sharks, and others. One of the best ways to watch these movies is by using Spectrum Silver Channels by Spectrum Cable TV and making things affordable.

Volunteer for a Cause

There is nothing better than celebrating Labor Day with your employees and volunteering for a cause. You can volunteer at a local shelter for the homeless, a conservation program, and many other initiatives established for the needy. You can also ask your employees to plant trees, cook and serve people who do not have the resources to have food, spend time with seniors and bring a smile to their faces. With these amazing efforts, you are most likely to have a more motivated workforce.

You can also look for different people working for a noble cause and improve the lives of the people who are not privileged enough. You can collaborate with them and support their initiatives. This will cultivate a habit of working together as a team and know more about new employees in the company.

Hold Office Olympics and Sports Activities

You can play different games like a scavenger hunt, chess, sequence, and other games with your employees. If it is possible, you can also engage your employees in different games like Sprint, Basket Ball, Golf, and many other games that they would like to play. The basic idea is to engage employees in some kind of team-based physical activity where they can perform together and win.

If there is less space in your office, you can even set up PCs with different multiplayer games like CS: GO, Dota, and other computer and console games.

Get Creative with Your Hobbies

To let out the creative individual that is trapped inside of many employees, one can simply ask them to list down their hobbies. You can engage them in activities like painting, cooking, playing games, creating glass or wall art, and even playing a musical instrument.

This way your employees will learn to appreciate each other’s talents and know about the hidden talent their coworkers have. Also, such activities will encourage people to explore each other’s strengths and talents. You can even add a reward for the employees who have the best skills, collections, and talent to make things more competitive.

Take Your Employees on a Field Trip

One of the best ways to celebrate your Labor Day and add more adventure to the entire holiday is to go on a field trip with people you work with. You can plan and organize a trip to the museum, park, or anywhere in the mountains. This way you will learn more about your community and the culture of the people around you.


In the end, one can say that there are so many ways to appreciate the talent of your employees. It is better to come up with a Labor Day celebration strategy and budget that you want to reserve for your employees and their wellbeing. It is important to do so as this can refresh your employee’s minds so that they can perform better in the coming days. However, it is up to them if they want to participate in these activities or stay at home with their family.

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