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One argument for a PAC-12 expansion is that the league lacks perennial powerhouse programs. The PAC-12 has only two teams that could make the BCS this year, while the SEC has five. An expansion would mean four or five potential contenders each year, restoring national parity. Moreover, an expansion would increase the prestige of a university and increase recruiting efforts hertube.

The expansion would bring more competition for the Pac-12. A team would have to rank higher than a team from Conference USA, the Sun Belt, the Mountain West, and the American to make the postseason. This would result in a less lucrative title game for the Pac-12. Adding USC and UCLA would also help the conference

The Pac-12’s fragile situation has been reflected in recent media reports. Regardless of the source, each development carries its own complexity. It is difficult to capture this complexity through social media. This has created a situation that makes fans nervous about the future of the league. As a result, the Pac-12 is currently in an existential crisis

A Pac-12 expansion would bring more football and basketball programs to the league. With the addition of SMU, the conference would also be able to expand its footprint in the Dallas media market, and increase the recruiting pipeline into the Lone Star State. SMU is ranked 68 by the U.S. News and World Report. Its endowment is estimated to be $2 billion. In addition, SMU just recently announced a new NIL program

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