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Blog Post Best Practices 2021

If you’re considering creating a blog post, here are a few tips to make it an effective, eye-catching piece. By following the guidelines below, you can create an effective blog post and achieve higher engagement. Remember: 80 percent of readers will scan the first few paragraphs of your blog post. Likewise, most readers will switch between reading and scanning modes. Therefore, you should consider the two reader types when structuring your blog post.

Using the inverted pyramid style of writing helps you convey the most important information to your audience in the first two to three sentences, and then fill in the details later. It makes your blog easier to read, especially if you are writing for your target audience. In addition, you can use a sectional structure, such as “problem, solution, tip,” to keep your content readable and easy to read. Using varying sentence lengths also creates a rhythm in your writing and makes it more engaging.

The size of your image depends on what you’re writing about. Landscape images should be smaller than the width of your blog. Use compression techniques on large images to keep your site from slowing down. Make sure to use alt text as a SEO tactic, and don’t forget to include your website address. This can help visitors find your blog post in search engines. In addition to SEO, blogging can help you build a relationship with your audience.

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